joe amrhein
Post Factual, 2017

Bonfire, 2017

Prima Donna, 2017

Smoking Gun, 2017

Kakistocracy, 2017

Textual, 2009

Above, 2005

Geometry, 2005

Labial, 2004

1953, Sacramento, CA
American River College, Sacramento, CA
Solo Exhibitions
Post Factual, Brian Gross Fine Art, San Francisco, CA
Jochen Hempel Galerie, Berlin, Germany
UN-NATURAL COURSE, Another Year in LA, Los Angeles, CA
FireCat Projects, Chicago, IL
Translation, Galerie Jochen Hempel, Leipzig, Germany
Possibility of Perception, Nusser & Baumgart Galerie, Munich, Germany
FireCat Projects, Chicago, IL
The Fallibility of Perception, Another Year in LA, Los Angeles, CA
Dogenhaus | Volta New York, NY
Perpetual IF (information friction), Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg, Germany
Red Dot Contemporary, West Palm Beach, FL
Abecedarian, Another Year In LA, Los Angeles, CA
Project, Brian Gross Fine Art, San Francisco, CA
Roebling Hall, Brooklyn, NY
Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT
Artifact (Quote), POST, Los Angeles, CA
Sublime-in-Reverse, Galerie Bernard Jordan, Paris, France
Leytonstone Center for Contemporary Art, Leytonstone, UK
Roebling Hall, Brooklyn, NY
Earl McGrath Gallery, New York, NY
Turske & Turske Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
Turske & Whitney Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Ivory/Kimpton Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Fiona Whitney Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Group Exhibitions
30th Anniversary Exhibition, Brian Gross Fine Art, San Francisco, CA; exhibition catalog
The Fabricated Drawing, Lesley Heller Gallery, New York
Stacked, Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, New York
A Brief Gospel for Our Time, ART 3, Brooklyn, NY
Triad, Axis Gallery, Sacramento, CA
Break Ground, ART 3, Brooklyn, NY
I am a Lie and I am Gold, Yossi Milo Gallery, New York
A Sign Only Has to Serve as a Sign, Providence College Galleries, Providence, RI
Museum Studies, The Berman Museum of Art at Ursinus College, Collegeville, PA
Pay to Play, ODETTA, Brooklyn, NY
Spaced Out: Migration to the Interior, Red Bull Studios, New York
Opening Day, ODETTA, New York
Jochen Hempel Galerie, Berlin, Germany
In–and outside–writing, Voorkamer, Lier, Belgium
Paper/Mylar/Vellum, Brian Gross Fine Art, San Francisco, CA
The Carnival Within, curated by Gregory Volk and Sabine Russ, Uferhallen, Berlin, Germany
SIGN/AGE | Fight the Power, Armand Bartos Fine Art, New York, NY
Perpetual IF (information friction), Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg, Germany
Piecemeal, curated by Mery Lynn McCorkle, Jancar Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
From Brooklyn With Love, Parker’s Box, Brooklyn, NY
Bare Words, curated by Leif Magne Tangen, Lautom Contemporary, Oslo, Norway
Signal, Centrum Kunstlicht in de Kunst, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Between What Is Said and What Is Not Said, Red Dot Contemporary, West Palm Beach, FL
Word, curated by Brandon Krall, Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston, TX
Material Abuse, Caren Golden Gallery, New York, NY
New Art. New York: Reflections on the Human Condition, curated by Margaret Mathews-Berenson, Trierenberg Corporate Kunsthalle, Taun, Austria
Red Bull Kunsthalle, Hangar 7, Salzburg, Germany
Superlores, curated by Marcin Ramaki and Bit Editions, Vertex List, Brooklyn, NY
Writing Letters, The Luggage Store, San Francisco, CA
Dogenhaus, Triple Crown, Leipzig, Germany
Public Notice II; Paintings In the Landscape, curated by Gregory Volk and Sabine Russ, Laumeier Sculpture Park, St. Louis, MO
R3, Reading ‘Ritin ‘Ritmetic, 30 Years Later, curated by Susan M. Canning, Castle Gallery, The College of New Rochelle, NY
World Play, Julie Saul Gallery, New York, NY
Code Residue, curated by Marcin Ramocki, Vertex List, Brooklyn, NY
SAFN Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland
Open House, The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY
The Drawn Page, The Adrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, CT
Next/Next Visual Arts, BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), Brooklyn, NY
BQE Part II, curated by Christian Viveros­Fauné, White Box, New York, NY
Word Works, Adam Baumgold Gallery, New York, NY
Summer Reading, curated by Larry Wolczac, Schroeder Romero, Brooklyn, NY
B-List, Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY
American Dream, Ronald Feldman Gallery, curated by Ronald Feldman, New York, NY
Valence, Ecole des Beaux Arts, France
Overt Operation, Joseph Helman Gallery, New York, NY
EXIT Art, Art 2002 SOS Save Our Senate, Benefit for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, October 29
Selection One; Made in Brooklyn, curated by Phong Bui, Wythe Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Im'n'il, Brooklyn, NY
ACME; 25 Years, 25 Artists, Michael Himovitz Gallery, Sacramento, CA
Proximity, curated by Robin Hill, The Work Space, New York, NY
Brooklyn, Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, Palm Beach, FL
Cool, Refrigerate After Opening, Cynthia Broan Gallery, NY, NY (curated by Edward Winkleman)
Out of Context, curated by Sue Joyce, Robert V. Fullerton Museum, Fullerton, CA
The Brooklyn Zoo, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany, curated by Sabine Russ and Gregory Volk
The Brooklyn Zoo, Musée D'art Moderne de Saint-Étienne, Saint-Étienne, France, curated by Sabine Russ and Gregory Volk
Summer Reading, Eyewash, Brooklyn, NY
The Stroke, (selected by Elizabeth Murray), Exit Art (The First World), New York, NY
Wordsmiths, curated by Karen Shaw,Islip Art Museum, Islip, NY
Valentine '99, Eyewash, Brooklyn, NY
Babel, Roebling Hall, Brooklyn, NY
Southern Exposure, Ambrosino Gallery, Miami, FL
Can't We All Just Get Along, DevonGolden, New York, NY
Wallpaper, curated by Lisa Jacobs,Nicholas Davies Gallery, New York, NY
Interior Landscapes, Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, Delaware
Paint, Flipside, Brooklyn, NY
Redefinitions: A View From Brooklyn, curated by Sue Joyce, Robert V. Fullerton Museum, Fullerton,CA
Just What Do You Think You're Doing Dave?, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn,NY
Abstracted and Unfixed, Art In General, New York, NY
Hodgepodge Lodge East, Hovel, New York, NY
The Ocean by Could Do, Postmasters Gallery, New York, NY
Other Rooms, Four Brooklyn Galleries, Ronald Feldman, New York, NY
American Fine Arts Benefit, American Fine Arts, New York, NY
DYAD, Curated by Annie Herron, Brooklyn, NY
The Pleasure Principle, Kohn, Pedersen, Fox Architects, New York,NY
Four Walls Benefit, David Zwirner Gallery, NY
P.S.1, Seven Rooms-Seven Artists, The Four Walls Model Backroom
Stand-Ins, Long Island City, NY
Activated Walls, Artists Space, New York, NY
Angeles Press 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Associated American Artists, NY
Art and Leisure, Associated American Artists, New York, NY
Small Size, Turske & Whitney Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
ART/LA87, Turske & Whitney Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
The Figure in Prints,Associated American Artists, New York, NY
Turske & Turske Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
Turske & Whitney Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Pepper Art Gallery, Redlands, CA
Art & Architecture Tour, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Trident Center, Los Angeles,CA
Art Quest, (Video Format), US Tour, Traveling Exhibition
Up Against Hunger, William Grant Still Arts Center, Los Angeles, CA
Fiona Whitney Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
A Broad Spectrum, The Design Center, Los Angeles, CA
Mitzi Landau Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Mixed Bag, Swope Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
Wonderful Things, Jan Baum Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Available Clay, Swope Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
Expose VI, Los Angeles Museum of Art, Art Rental Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Lony Gans Gallery, Venice Art Walk, Venice, CA
Spring Show #2, Los Angeles Museum of Art, Art Rental Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
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Owner / Director of Pierogi Gallery, an artist run gallery located in New York.
Board member, Farpath Residency, Dijon, France
The Art Institute of Chicago, 2005 Fellowship Juror (May 14 and 15)
Skógasafn Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland. Exhibition curator
Visiting Critic, ISCP (International Studio & Curatorial Program), NY, NY
Visiting Critic, Columbia University, Graduate School of Fine Arts, NY, NY
Parsons Fine Arts Dept. New York Studio Program Lecture Series; Artist/Gallerist talk
The 2000 Everson Biennial, Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY, March-May
Five Sculptors Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, Brooklyn, NY, June 15th-October 31st
Brooklyn New Work, The Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH, Sept 4-Nov 11. Co-curated with David Brown
Package, PS122, New York, NY
Flatfiles, The Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery (University of the Arts), Philadelphia, PA
Current Undercurent, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY, Co-curated with Charlotta Kotik