Take My Advice Don't Come Any Closer
Take My Advice Don't Come Any Closer, 2009
48 × 50 inches

The Golden Mead
The Golden Mead, 2009
48 × 50 inches

Let The River Answer
Let The River Answer, 2009
46 × 48 inches

 Brian Caraway: Wanna Dance?

Brian Gross Fine Art is pleased to announce that emerging Bay Area artist Brian Caraway will open an exhibition of paintings, Wanna Dance?, at One Post Street on June 30, 2009. A recent MFA graduate from Mills College, Caraway shows four new paintings that explore the purity of color, line and rhythmic repetition. These works, comprised of vertical lines in blue, yellow and red, have a flickering resonance as if a visual record of sound.

Influenced by geometric abstraction of the 60's and 70's, Caraway's own hard-edged works maintain a subtle, hand-made quality. As he puts it, "My aim is to make paintings that create a sensational visual reaction with color and line." Working with acrylic, ink and vinyl on panel, these paintings have a precision of layered lines in contrasting hues that activate the eye.

Brian Caraway received his MFA from Mills College in 2009 and a BA in painting and printmaking at San Francisco State University in 2000. He has shown in numerous exhibitions in the Bay Area including Blankspace Gallery, Red Ink Studios and the San Francisco Arts Commission Galllery. A long-time Bay Area resident, Caraway is also known as a musician, as well as a master printer for Magnolia Editions in Oakland.