Works by Peter Alexander, Robert Arneson, Andrew Belschner, Roy De Forest, Adam Fowler, Dana Hart-Stone, Robert Hudson, Ed Moses, Ruth Pastine, Paul Sarkisian and Andrea Way

January 15–March 5, 2022

Opening reception: Saturday, January 15, 3:30–5:30pm

Exhibition catalog

Untitled, c.1960

Robert Hudson, Untitled, c.1960;
15-1/2×15 inches

Untitled, 1971

Roy De Forest, Untitled, 1971;
22-1/2×30-1/2 inches framed

Parade, 2021

Dana Hart-Stone, Parade, 2021; 13×44 inches

Untitled, c.1960

Robert Hudson, Untitled, c.1960;
10-3/4×14-1/2 inches

Wars of Pardon, 1963

Paul Sarkisian, Wars of Pardon, 1963;
13-1/2×12-3/4 inches

Statues of Liberty, 2021

Dana Hart-Stone, Statues of Liberty, 2021; 13×44 inches

Untitled, c.1963

Robert Hudson, Untitled, c.1963;
10-1/2×10-1/2 inches

A Latter day Bob, 1981

Robert Arneson, A Latter day Bob, 1981;
37×29-3/4 inches framed

Untitled Drawing, 1974

Ed Moses, Untitled Drawing, 1974;
23-3/4×21-3/4 inches framed

Untitled Drawing, 1988

Ed Moses, Untitled Drawing, 1988;
40×29 inches framed

C, 2018

Adam Fowler, C, 2018;
26-1/4×19-1/4 inches

Lodestar, 2013

Andrea Way, Lodestar, 2013;
39-3/4×31 inches framed

Black Stroke #43, 2017

Peter Alexander, Black Stroke #43, 2017;
12×9 inches, 17-1/2×14-1/2 inches framed

Black Stroke #56b, 2017

Peter Alexander, Black Stroke #56b, 2017;
12×9 inches, 17-1/2×14-1/2 inches framed

H, 2019

Adam Fowler, H, 2019;
26-1/4×19-1/4 inches

Depths, Blue 3, 2020

Ruth Pastine, Depths, Blue 3, 2020;
30×22 inches

3.060, 2017

Andrew Belschner, 3.060, 2017;
30×40-1/2 inches

Press Release

Brian Gross Fine Art is pleased to announce the opening of FRAMED: Works by Peter Alexander, Robert Arneson, Andrew Belschner, Roy De Forest, Adam Fowler, Dana Hart-Stone, Robert Hudson, Ed Moses, Ruth Pastine, Paul Sarkisian and Andrea Way on Saturday, January 15, 2022, with a reception from 3:30–5:30pm. The exhibition with feature works by gallery artists that range from abstract to conceptual to representational in an array of media that includes paintings, drawings, prints and mixed media collage. The exhibition will be on view through March 5, 2022.

Highlighted in the exhibition will be a group of Black Stroke paintings on paper by Peter Alexander that shimmer with light, radiant color study paintings on paper by Ruth Pastine, intricately cut and layered works on paper by Adam Fowler, a sensuously atmospheric watercolor by Andrew Belschner, an elaborate rule based drawing by Andrea Way, and a mixed media self-portrait on paper by Robert Arneson. Making their gallery exhibition debut will be diagonal grid drawings from the 1970s and 80s by Ed Moses, a pair of new panoramic prints replete with appropriated photographic imagery by Dana Hart-Stone, formative drawings by Robert Hudson from the early 1960s, a rare drawing by Roy De Forest from 1971, and a mixed media collage by Paul Sarkisian from 1963.

Ranging in size from large to intimately scaled, the works in FRAMED encompass a broad range of artistic styles that have emerged from the 1960s to today.