Storm, 2011
93 × 145 × 90 inches

Storm, 2011
93 × 145 × 90 inches

Storm, 2011
93 × 145 × 90 inches

Puff, 2010
74 × 47 × 1-1/4 inches

Loopy, 2010
62 × 46 × 1-1/4 inches

Ping, 2010
59 × 44 × 1-1/4 inches

Smolder, 2010
22 × 24 × 13 inches

Fount, 2010
60 × 52 inches

 Linda Fleming: Meanderings

Well-known Bay Area sculptor Linda Fleming opens Meanderings, an exhibition of sculpture and drawing, at Brian Gross Fine Art on Thursday, March 3, with a reception for the artist from 5:30–7:30pm. Works on view include Storm, a monumental laser-cut steel sculpture, two wall sculptures, and a large-scale graphite drawing.

In these works, Linda Fleming continues her longstanding investigation into the science and metaphysics of geometric forms. Each piece is composed of swirling, lace-like patterns that recall breath, smoke, blood vessels, or even channels of information. In Storm, the artist utilizes a vocabulary of folding planes to create a volumetric structure in powder-coated steel. At 93 by 145 by 90 inches, the viewer is able to move in and around the sculpture. Fleming's wall sculptures consist of simplified planes of laser-cut patterns and are often chrome-plated to reflect and incorporate the surrounding environment. To Fleming, her works "provide a glimpse of the strangeness beyond the every day world; opening a place where thought becomes tangible, history leaves a trace, and information exhales form."

Born in Pittsburgh, PA, Linda Fleming received her education at Carnegie Mellon University and is currently the Chair of the Sculpture Department at the California College of the Arts. In 2007, she had a mid-career retrospective, titled Refugium, at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art. Her work has been exhibited extensively throughout the United States and is represented in major public and private collections, including the Oakland Museum of California, Berkeley Art Museum, Albuquerque Art Museum, Djerassi Foundation, Woodside, CA, Cantor Art Center at Stanford University, Runnymede Sculpture Farm, Woodside, CA, and Laumeier Sculpture Park, St. Louis, MO, among others.