Linda Fleming

Drawing Came First

January 7–March 18, 2023

425 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

Viewing hours: Monday–Friday 9am–6pm

Curated by Casey & Associates Art Advisors

Yellow and Gray Waves, 2022

Yellow and Gray Waves, 2022; 45-3/16×55-11/16 inches

Red Ripples, 2022

Red Ripples, 2022; 45-3/16×55-11/16 inches

Blue Sparks, 2022

Blue Sparks, 2022; 45-3/16×55-11/16 inches

Red Orange Tangle, 2016

Red Orange Tangle, 2016; 57-1/8×43-1/8 inches framed

Ochre Sinue, 2019

Ochre Sinue, 2019; 41-1/2×52 inches; 46×56 inches framed

Turquoise Loops, 2017

Turquoise Loops, 2017; 57×47-1/2 inches framed

Saturn Bottle, 1989

Saturn Bottle, 1989; 64×48 inches framed

Stone Stairs, 2006

Stone Stairs, 2006; 52×65 inches

Faceted Jug, 1989

Faceted Jug, 1989; 64×48 inches framed

Artist Statement

“Drawing came first. It is there in everything I make. I have spent countless hours training my eye and hand. I find I can conjure the whole physical world and also have access to my interior self. Drawing is my way in and my way out. It is the means to explore and invent various realities. When I abandon drawing for actual physical space I find I am drawing with light and shadow. The preparatory models I make for my large sculptures are actually three-dimensional drawings... The drawings are traces of moments in time when my thoughts were caught just having emerged into physicality...”

—Linda Fleming, January 2023