An Assortment of Seeds, 2010
25 × 70 × 1-1/2 inches

Here Ghost, 2010
25 × 65 × 1-1/2 inches

Everlasting Everything, 2010
36 × 60 × 1 inches

Walking with Love, 2007
60 × 60 × 1 inches

 Pard Morrison: Recent Work

Brian Gross Fine Art is pleased to announce that Colorado artist Pard Morrison opens an exhibition of recent work at One Post Street on Monday, March 29. Morrison creates stunning geometric paintings in patinated aluminum. On view are four new wall reliefs created specifically for the exhibition, which continues through June 25.

Morrison's works feature repeating blocks of solid colors, applied through an enameling process that results in surfaces durable enough to withstand permanent outdoor installation. The simplicity of form and gridded structure of his work builds on the Minimalist tradition; however, in place of the cold, quiet austerity associated with the movement, Morrison's work boasts a bold, colorful palette, and the subtle texture of the oven-fired surfaces lends a painterly element to the rigid geometric forms. Juxtapositions of neutral and vivid colors create dynamic, rhythmic color fields that make for a unique optical experience.

Pard Morrison was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado and received his BFA in sculpture from Colorado State University. His work has been exhibited widely throughout the United States and can be found in the collections of the University of Wyoming Art Museum and the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center, among others. Morrison currently lives and works in Colorado Springs.