GW.B.P. 1114-6
GW.B.P. 1114-6, 2014
72 × 72 inches

GW.LP.LG.P 1014-7
GW.LP.LG.P 1014-7, 2014
72 × 72 inches

BL.B. 12.1
BL.B. 12.1, 2013
72 × 60 inches

B.E.P. 62214
B.E.P. 62214, 2014
72 × 60 inches

B.G.P. 62214
B.G.P. 62214, 2014
72 × 60 inches

D.L.B.P. 1114-4
D.L.B.P. 1114-4, 2014
48 × 48 inches

Y.G.P. 1114-3
Y.G.P. 1114-3, 2014
48 × 48 inches

M.A.1012-5, 2014
27 × 27 inches

 Rex Yuasa: Nascent

Brian Gross Fine Art is pleased to announce an exhibition of recent abstract paintings by San Diego artist Rex Yuasa, on November 1. On view will be eight mixed media paintings that explore our perception of the sublime through optical and dimensional illusions. Through multiple layers of prismatic color and glistening glazes, Yuasa creates mesmerizing arrays of complex harmonies. Nascent will be on view through December 20, 2014.

Working with non-traditional paints and materials such as fluorescent undercoats, metallic and pearlescent paints, and iridescent finishes, Yuasa creates vivid fusions of pigments and lustres. Layering acrylic, oil and alkyd paints, Yuasa develops crumbling and crackling surfaces that fade and flicker in the distance, while gleaming spherical globes swell and float through space. By placing energetic yellows over faint purples or glowing pinks over deep blues, Yuasa forms color interplays that establish immense dimensionality, transcending and elevating the canvas. These shimmering hues and hyper-stylized pigments converge and disperse creating an electrified expanse of activity.

Yuasa’s interest lies in the illusion of painting and its ability to embody the sublime. He states, “This notion of illusion manifests itself in many different ways, such as the idea of void as a non-signifiable space, the implication of order, structure and chaos, or the myth of the sublime and beauty.” Through his depiction of dimension, gravity, and volume, Yuasa reveals this void, a space without structure or narration, while simultaneously conveying movement, vibrancy, and mood.

Born in Tokyo, Yuasa received his B.F.A. in 1990 at San Diego State University, and his M.F.A. at California Institute of the Arts in 1992. He has exhibited in museums and galleries in both the United States and Japan, and his work is in numerous public and corporate collections including the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Japan; the Nerima City Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan; and the Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts, Tochigi, Japan. The artist currently lives and works in San Diego, CA. This is Yuasa’s second solo exhibition with Brian Gross Fine Art.