Untitled #228, 2002
Untitled #228 (16,900 Drops, Clear Blue on Prussian Blue, 10 Gauge), 2002
72x72 inches

Untitled #221, 2002
Untitled #221 (32,400 drops, black on red, 10 gauge), 2002
96x96 inches, in two parts

Untitled #225, 2002
Untitled #228 (10,000 drops, brilliant blue on cobalt blue, 10 gauge), 2002
60x60 inches

Untitled #233, 2000-2
Untitled #233 (10,000 drops, black, 10 gauge), 2000-2
48x48 inches

 Teo González: 106,525 Drops

Spanish artist Teo González opens a solo exhibition of new paintings at Brian Gross Fine Art on Thursday, October 24th, with a reception for the artist from 5:30 - 7:30 pm. González's minimal paintings are comprised of thousands of individual drops of paint on canvas. Arranged within a grid formation, the variation of drop size and density creates subtle shifts of rhythm and pattern within each painting. In this recent body of work González composes paintings in high contrast colors, playing with the number of drops within each individual grid.

The exhibition consists of paintings ranging in size from a monumental diptych (8'x8') comprising black drops on a red background, to smaller scale work (3'x3'). González's paintings are a methodical arrangement of small drops of paint on canvas. Each work contains thousands of individually, precisely measured drops of paint in a carefully constructed grid formation. Rhythmic patterns emerge from the dramatic color combinations (clear blue on prussian blue, black on red) and the refined placement of drop density and shape.

In his recent work, González varies the number of drops within the outlining grid. Referred to as a "gauge", the count of drops within each outlined box directs the process of placing drops and the subtle variation in size, thereby impacting the relationship of individual drops to the compositional whole. Underscoring the process of the work and its relationship to the resulting effect, the titles of the new paintings denote not only the number of drops per painting and the colors of the pigments used, but also the gauge of the grid.

Teo González was born in Zaragoza, Spain, in 1964. He received his BFA from California State University, Bakersfield, and currently lives in New York City. His work has been included in numerous exhibitions throughout Spain, California, and New York. This is González's fifth solo show with Brian Gross Fine Art. The exhibition continues through November 30.